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Barleti Group consists of a number of Institutions, Institutes and Hubs established around Barleti University, which cover a wide range of academic, research and applicative activities in cooperation and coordination with each other as well as with other partners and stakeholders.

Our philosophy is based on innovation and sustainability; supporting and facilitating national and international businesses, organizations, and government agencies’ operations by reducing uncertainty and ensuring success based on our scientific and real-world experience.

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Safe.al is a platform placed in Barleti University than in collaboration with international partners facilitates the practice of knowledge earned during their studies or trainings. SAFE.AL is the best model of collaboration between scholastic services and community in the benefit of this last. The main areas of studies offered by the Barleti University in this area are correlated with: safety & security disciplines; migration & refugees management; natural disaster management; criminal justice & counter terrorism; and international cooperation.


SAFE.AL in collaboration with Barleti University offers a large possibility of trainings choice for different target groups:

  • Students of bachelor and master programs;
  • Employees/functionaries of security agencies;
  • Officers of State policy and national army;
  • Experts in international relations, security issues, justice and counter terrorism or migration and refugees etc;


Safe schools promotes the protection of students from violence, exposure to weapons and threats, theft, bullying, and the sale or use of illegal substances on school grounds. School safety is linked to improved student and school outcomes. In particular, emotional and physical safety in school is related to academic performance. At the same time, students who are victims of physical or emotional harassment or who are involved in the sale or use of illegal substances on school grounds are at risk for poor attendance, course failure and dropout.


Safe.al uses information systems for teaching (only online or supporting traditional teaching) with the following features (all together or individually): a) be a content management system (CMS), guaranteeing the access to didactic materials for the students; b) be a learning management system (LMS), where the use of learning objects makes easier the learning of a given topic; c) be a computer-supported collaborative learning system (CSCLS), which makes easier the use of collaborative and situated teaching/learning strategies. Mainly Safe. al aims to build a virtual community of students, tutors, and professors using knowledge management (KM) in area of safety and security in general.


An important component of capacity building is represented by workshops also that first of all are an important tool on knowledge transfer. Safe.al is a programme that also foresees the organization of thematic international workshops, seminars and conferences to increase the visibility of the Programme and encourage the transfer of knowledge and exchange of best practices. Safe.al aims to be the environment were different stakeholders such as academy, administrative institutions, security institutions, experts and donors meet with each other and interact actively.


Each of us at the end of the day works in a place that need to be safe and secure before talking more in detail for other topics correlated to security issues. Exchanging best practices to help each of us in ensuring a workplace are focused on: supporting the behavior-based safety at the same time that the company formalized a safety policy; strong and effective safety leaders and empowered and motivated employees/citizens are also very important. Also a good practice related to safety is based on comforting people with reporting regular communication about safety and health.

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As an individual what must I do to be better prepared in an emergency?


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What is "reasonable assurance"?


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How to act in case of natural hazards?


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A large number of studies and surveys are published in this section. An advantage of our platform is based on the possibility of making online surveys ensuring in a short time valuable data for research. Our studies and surveys are accurate, easy and quick to analyze, ensure a large number of participants. Being online our surveys ensure confidentiality where respondents can be honest and flexible and the information is more valuable than ever.


This section is created to find the last publications and reports related to migration and refugees, terrorism and criminal justice and international cooperation. This is a space were donors, experts, students and other stakeholders can use in order to publish the latest reports, studies or important information.
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A considerable number of publications and studies are part of our e-Library that can be used as a shared resource of the employees of the Public Safety organizations, experts, donors and students.
Members of the public can use the Library Catalogue to locate materials relevant to their research.


The database of Safe.al contains detailed disaster information of natural, technological and conflicts events that have affected Albanians and Europeans on last years. A database of different non-governmental organizations in Albania and in region, a database of economic data and legislation in order to offer the need services for all the target groups being they individuals, public bodies, businesses, international organizations, universities etc..


In this section you can find research papers and master thesis focused on topics such as:

  • international security;
  • terrorism and counter terrorism;
  • migration and refugees fluxes;
  • accidental or international incidents, fraud, street crime, organized crime or terrorism;

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