Preventing Terrorism

This Programme intends to launch a region-wide capacity building initiative in the Western Balkans for developing advanced tools and approaches to prevent and combat terrorist activities and violent extremism. It aims at coordinating and institutionalizing all efforts and relevant human resources, locally and regionally, for the empowerment of youth, family, women, minorities and vulnerable social groups, through applicative projects and direct engagement of educational, cultural, religious and other social groups.

Just like natural disasters, terrorism and violent extremism do not recognize borders. They have become a permanent threat to individuals, local communities, or even regional communities. They have also become a tangible threat to democracy, stability, the rule of law and human rights, in general. In order to address these very complex, this activity of the SAFE Program is focused on the elaboration and application of systematic comprehensive and multi-dimensional approaches for preventing and countering terrorism and violent extremism, through working closely with national, regional and international partners, in priority areas, such as:

  • Promoting education as an indispensable and irreplaceable element of tolerance, non-discrimination and understanding;
  • Promoting social reintegration and rehabilitation of violent extremist offenders and foreign terrorist fighters;
  • Working with vulnerable groups and populations for preventing and countering radicalization and extremism activities;
  • Conducting research and offering training services to stakeholders;
  • Creating early warning mechanisms and digital platforms for the sensibilization of local and regional actors, stakeholders and vulnerable groups or communities;
  • Assisting state and non-state actors in designing and implementing action plans and strategies on preventing and countering terrorism and violent extremism.