International Cooperation & Networking

This Programme aims at coordinating the efforts of all the relevant institutions, state and non-state, whose area of activities relates to issues of security and disaster management, with the purpose of enhancing capacity building and transfer of knowledge in order to shift from a “reactive attitude” towards an “early warning and pro-active one”.

It is important that all projects which are part of the Programme be inter-related and well-harmonized nationally and regionally. This requires the creation of an active and inter-operational regional network of experts who can mobilize all the relevant state and non-state actors, stakeholders and end-user, and enable functional strategic partnerships in the respective domains of expertize.

The following are some elements of international cooperation envisaged by this Programme:

  • Cooperation and networking with the relevant international organizations present in Albania.
  • Cooperation and networking with relevant organizations and institutions of the immediate neighboring countries.
  • Cooperation and networking with relevant institutions and organizations which operate in the Western Balkans and the European Union.
  • Establishment of a permanent mid-term pool of connections/experts to be involved in projects related to the Programme.
  • Organization of thematic international workshops, seminars and conferences to increase the visibility of the Programme and encourage the transfer of knowledge and exchange of best practices.
  • Setting up regional early warning Apps, and informative webpages.