Natural Disasters Prevention & Management

There’s a variety of causes and reasons for the appearance and development of crises and disasters which put at risk the lives, health, education, economy, etc. of hundreds of thousands of people annually in our region. Some of them are classified as natural disasters, whereas many of them are human-made. The impact of both is disastrous for individuals, local communities, national or even regional communities in the Western Balkans. The main aim of this component is to set up an institution for early detection and early warning of possible crises and disasters, which would serve as the basis for in-time interventions either to avoid them, or to efficiently address all the consequences of them. It is of paramount importance that the institution be able to define the risk indicators for each and every kind of hazard, so that the appropriate measures and approaches could be taken either to avoid completely, or partially, or to duly face and treat all the consequences.