Barleti Group

Barleti Group consists of a number of Institutions, Institutes and Hubs establishes around Barleti University, which cover a wide range of academic, research and applicative activities in cooperation and coordination with each other as well as with other partners and takeholders. Our philosophy is based on innovation and sustainability; supporting and facilitating national and international businesses, organizations, and government agencies’ operations by reducing uncertainty and ensuring success based on our scientific and real-world experience.


Being Committed to Excellence, Barleti Group and its Partners will provide a set of tools and approaches for improving the situation in relation with issues of Security and Disaster Management by establishing priorities, by defining the proper projects to address these priorities, as well as by assigning the right teams and experts to implement the projects in a coordinated and integrated way, in order to guarantee sustainable and concrete deliverables that can serve the purpose of improving security and disaster management for all the community.


The goal of SAFE Programme is to address the current complex challenges to Security and Disaster Management through a comprehensive and multifaceted strategy to be implemented by separate but coordinated institutions which will fall under one umbrella institution: the newly created ‘SAFE Center’ of Barleti University.