Migration & Refugees

Migration continues to be a two-sided phenomenon for Albania which, since the opening of the borders in 1991, continues to be a country of emigration, primarily driven by economic reasons, especially for the youth. But during the recent years Albania is increasingly becoming a country of destination for a range of categories of migrants, such as displaced people from conflict zones, refugees, asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, etc. Viewed by these two angles, there is a very wide spectrum of activities that can be undertaken to address the issues created by migration, as well as to take advantage of this phenomenon for creating the right conditions for sustainable development not only for the individual migrants, but also for the community.

It is indispensable that this component, first and foremost be able to draft a comprehensive and cross-dimensional migration management project taking into consideration the national interest, as well as the interest of the region, including all the following elements:

  • Relevant national and international legal documents and legislation – rights and obligations.
  • Adequate approaches and perspectives for the return and re-integration of Albanian citizens.
  • Proper attention to avoid trafficking of human beings, and especially children and women.
  • Education and professional training on employment and skills
  • Social protection and social inclusion.
  • Sustainable development and full integration in the society.
  • Assist through information for a coherent and contemporary integrated border management and community policing.

By being able to translate all the above-mentioned topics into a well-drafted project, as well as by coordinating it with the other activities of this Programme, Barleti University together with its partners will make possible the minimization of the negative consequences of uncontrolled migration and the maximization of the benefits of migration and its development impact through investment, human development, education, innovation, etc.