Criminal Justice

The establishment of the Albanian Center of Forensic Sciences (ALCEFS) is conceived as an inter-disciplinary initiative between Barleti University, the Italian Institute of Forensic Sciences, and other relevant actors and stakeholders. This initiative is duly timed because of the real need for such a service in Albania. Forensic expertizes and forensic services are provided so far only by a very limited number of professional experts who are mainly working for the state institutions such as the Scientific Police Institute.

Given the fact that accidental or intentional incidents, counterfeiting or fraud, street crime or theft, organized crime or terrorism, are a challenge not only to the individuals and society, but also to the law enforcement agencies and the justice system, this initiative aims at assisting and supporting all, the individual, law enforcement agencies and justice system, for scientifically identifying prof and evidence to be fairly and scientifically considered and used in court.

The Center’s work will be based on the use of the state-of–the-art technology and equipment, on mobilizing the best pool of experts, as well as on an objective and multi-disciplinary approach. The mission statement of ALCEFS consists in one simple meaningful sentence: “Science and Technology at the Service of Justice”.

ALCEFS will also provide advanced mentorship and training in all its activity lines for current and future forensic practitioners, as well as for members of the justice system. The Center is meant to be an added value to the current situation of Forensics in Albania and the Region, by offering new options and choices to the almost monopolized market that exists today. All the services provided by the Center will firmly be based on the best quality option, as well as on the best European Union practices.

ALCEFS’s activities are foreseen to function according to separate lines which systematically coordinate and cooperate with each other through the respective Investigative Units, and they consist in:

  • Criminological Analysis, Forensic Psychology and Operational Safety Unit (CAFPOS Unit).
  • Crime Scene Investigation Unit (CSI Unit).
  • Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit (FEI Unit).
  • Forensic Engineering Unit (FE Unit).
  • Digital, Computer & Mobile Forensics Unit (DCMF Unit).
  • Counterfeiting and Fraud Investigation Unit.